Citrix/Terminal Server Configuration

If you have installed the client software on a Citrix/Terminal Server, you will need to manually configure the default database connection settings for new users.  New user profiles will then use the database connection setting that you define rather than the default local file-based database connection.  A server-based connection is required in order to have more than one user logged into the client at the same time.

On the Terminal Server:

1) First, make a backup copy of the TrainingManager.exe.config file which is located in the C:\Program Files\[Program Name] directory.

2) Next, open the [Program Name].exe.config file in Notepad, and make the changes as shown below.  Copy the "New Values" section and then paste it over the similar section in your config file to make sure it is exact.  If the Firebird database is on a different server, replace "localhost" with the name of the server which hosts the Firebird database.


    <setting name="DBType" serializeAs="String">
    <setting name="RemoteDatabase" serializeAs="String">
      <value />


    <setting name="DBType" serializeAs="String">
    <setting name="RemoteDatabase" serializeAs="String">

3) Save the changes and open the client to confirm the settings are correct.

Note: If you have already logged in with some other user accounts, make sure those profiles have the matching database settings set using the menu option Tools --> Database Connection (while logged in with the existing user account). The configuration above will set the default for all NEW profiles created (profiles are created the first time a user opens the application while logged on to the machine with their windows account).

Additional Technical Information:

See this link for information about file locations for config files, database files, and log files.

Troubleshooting Errors in Citrix:
In some cases, when opening the software running on Citrix, an exception will occur with the message "system.nullreferenceexception", and the screen may be blank or contain a large red 'X'. This can happen due to Windows not having a primary screen defined.

Conditions for not having a primary screen defined on Citrix server:

-Having a Citrix client using dual screen with primary screen set on the right,
-Having a cumulated resolution X colorDepth of client dual screen higher than the maximum video memory allowed on Citrix server per client.

Solutions for this problem include:

-In the display properties, change the primary screen to the one on the left.
-In the display properties, change the resolution to a lower value.